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The world in which we live has become very complex with opportunity and struggle. The daily news presents stories of goodness, mitzvot, tzedakah and chesed, but the news is also full of murder, oppression, intolerance and evil that challenges our faith in humanity. The news this week is almost unthinkable and unimaginable with such a blatant violation of international law, societal norms and human rights, as we are witness to another instance of man’s inhumanity to man with the invasion of a sovereign and democratic Ukraine. Unfortunately, we do not get to choose the obstacles and hardships that life will present, but we do get to choose how we will respond to them. Our home page has a link for opportunities to help in Ukraine. I have also included an editorial piece .....READ MORE.


  The Times of Israel
‘Let my people in’: Trump tried to join armed rioters on Jan. 6, aide says

Israel national youth soccer team upsets France to reach historic 1st European final

Man shot to death in northern town, as Arab community crime wave continues

Iranian court upholds Frenchman’s eight-year jail sentence for spying

Indian Prime Minister Modi visits UAE after controversy over Prophet Mohammed

We Call Our Jewish-Italian Baby ‘Pizza Bagel.’ Choosing Her Real Name Was Harder.

9 Surprising Jewish Facts About Selma Blair

I Will Never Be Great at Speaking Hebrew and That’s Ok

PSA: Helen Mirren to Star in a Holocaust Movie For Kids

This Rabbi’s Statements on Abortion Rights Are So Spot On

  American Jewish World Service – AJWS
By criminalizing abortion, The United States states joins the ranks of countries hostile to human rights and gender equality — and puts countless lives at risk both home and abroad

Your Boost of Inspiration: AJWS’s Stories of Hope

Pride in the Face of Prejudice

Know Your History, Master Your Future: How One Senegalese Activist is Mobilizing Youth By Illuminating his Community’s Forgotten Tragedy

A community of solidarity, support and Pride

  Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Rep. Jerry Nadler’s campaign urges support for NYC’s ‘last remaining Jewish Congressmember’

Leading Orthodox group praises Supreme Court ruling on football coach’s prayer

Meet the New York Jewish Week’s ’36 to Watch’ 2022

In Hungary, a palace tied to political scandal becomes Jewish refugee camp

With the help of a NYC synagogue, two young Ukrainian Jewish refugees will soon marry in Israel

  NYT > World > Middle East
An Israeli Soccer Team’s Success Puts Its Arab Village on the Map

Poisonous Gas Leak in Jordan Kills at Least 10 People

In Jordan, ‘Mansaf in a Cup’ Creates a Food Controversy

Haleh Afshar, Who Fought for Rights of Muslim Women, Dies at 77

Iran Dismisses Revolutionary Guards’ Powerful Intelligence Chief

  The Forward
Manischewitz isn’t just for your bubbe anymore

Celebrating a baby’s birth with chickpeas and beer (includes audio)

With the help of a NYC synagogue, two young Ukrainian Jewish refugees will soon marry in Israel

How a pathbreaking gay legislator earned his nickname

Her great-grandfather led Israel. She’ll be leading a congregation.

What Makes Eli Run?

The Tyranny of Materialism

Science Enters the Mysterious Inner World of Consciousness

BBQ Bourbon Cheese Kugel Recipe

Korach 5782: Visit to Lift the Spirit

  Jew or Not Jew
Topher Grace

Maxim Litvinov

Jacob Ries

Robert Morse

Martin Gore

  Jewish NewsJewish News
Team Russia pulls out of Maccabiah Games

Ruth Smeeth made an Honorary Captain in the Royal Naval Reserve

Community Rabbinic Couple

Government is jumping on antisemitism bandwagon, says NUS chief

Rinder hails Magen David Adom as ‘most articulate expression of what Israel can be’

  News & Views – The Jewish Press – JewishPress.com
Israel to Raise Price of Milk, Abolish Customs on Hard Cheese

Israel Downgrades Travel Warning for Istanbul to Level 3 – Still Dangerous

Israeli Researchers Prove CRISPR System Can Diagnose Viruses, Bacteria in Space

Israel Reinforcing Northern Homes Against Hezbollah Threat

Attempted Terror Attack in Old City of Jerusalem, No Injuries

  Washington Jewish Week
‘After Shabbat, we will act’: American Jews gear up for wave of post-Roe activism

Going coconuts!

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Out and About: June 23

Irene Gelrud Schwartz

  My Jewish Learning
Yevamot 115

Yevamot 114

Shavuot 2023

Tisha B’Av 2022

Moroccan Anise and Sesame Tea Biscuits Recipe











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