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They say that life is a journey and for me that also applies to books.  Not so much the process of the reading, but the process of the finding.  When you consider the amount of time and the intellectual investment required in reading and study, a good book is hard to find.  I have no problem changing the channel on the television, but once committed to a book I have a harder time putting it away without finishing, even if it has not lived up to expectation.  Last month I read a glowing review about a new book called Josephus, The Jewish Wars, A Biography.  Josephus was a Jewish aristocrat and leader in the Israel at the time of Roman occupation.  He participated in the resistance to Rome before his capture and confinement to a Roman camp....READ MORE.


  The Times of Israel
IDF seals off room of Palestinian man suspected of killing soldier with a brick

Israeli firm signs deal to pipe UAE oil to Europe

Americans for Peace Now remember Rabin the peacemaker, without Ocasio-Cortez

Jewish prisoner in Russian penal colony goes on hunger strike to get Shabbat off

Shock in Iraq as mother seen throwing her two small children into Tigris River

Call Your Mother Rewind Episode: Contagion With Blima Marcus

Israeli ‘Tehran’ Star Liraz Charhi Makes Beautiful Iranian Music

My Husband and I Celebrated Our Anniversary Together — Six Feet Apart

The Thrill and the Guilt of Buying a New Party Dress in the Middle of the Pandemic

18 Jewish Facts About Sacha Baron Cohen That Will Make You Kvell - Homepage
Mark Esper: Peace treaties aim to build 'security construct' against Iran

Trump’s record on Israel is not as people tend to think - opinion

75% of US Jews voting for Biden in US presidential election

Amy Barrett helped protect menorahs, religious liberty will be protected

Erekat’s Hadassah care must be top priority for Israel - comment

  Jewish WeekJewish Week
De Blasio Regrets How He Handled Chasidic Funeral in April

Once Upon a Time, a Yiddish Children’s Literature Thrived

Yeshiva girls sue city and state, PLO’s Saeb Erekat in critical condition, right and left battle at Zionist congress

New York Needs to Make its Covid Crackdown Standards Clearer

Satmar wedding limits guest list, Jews back Biden 75-25, ‘Joint’ names its 1st woman CEO

  NYT > World > Middle East
Fiancée Sues Saudi Crown Prince Over Khashoggi Killing

U.A.E. and Israel Agree to Visa Waivers and Direct Flights

U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Qaeda Financier Who Trades in Gems

U.S. Seeks Release of Austin Tice and Majd Kamalmaz From Syria

State Dept. to Remove Sudan From List of Terrorist States

Top Garcetti aide will “take a leave” after sexual misconduct allegations

Did protesters at Northwestern use an antisemitic slur against the university president?

Jewish groups convince Zoom—again— to pull plug on Leila Khaled at University of Hawaii

This school principal refuses to call the Holocaust a fact. A Jewish youth group is fighting back.

Critical vote on right-wing takeover of World Zionist Congress delayed

Menorahs in Montana: Inspiring True Story

Hanukkah and the Secret to Jewish Survival

The Meaning of the Menorah’s Light

A Star Wars Chanukah Music Video

The Rock from Dachau

  Jew or Not Jew
Roger Penrose

Eliphas Levi

Jetta Goudal

Daphne Blake

George Zweig

  Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Judge Amy Barrett helped me protect public menorahs. I know she’ll help defend religious liberty for all.

Hadassah and other groups block right-wing takeover of top World Zionist Congress positions

I was afraid to reveal I was Jewish in Bahrain. When I arrived, I realized my privilege.

I blew the whistle on the planned 10,000 person Satmar wedding. Here’s why.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio: I regret how I handled that Orthodox funeral in April

  News & Views – The Jewish Press –
Report: Israel Attacks Iranian Militia in Southern Syria Overnight

IAF Attacks Hamas in Gaza, Retaliates for Rocket Fire, Terror Tunnel

Watch: Terror Attack Tunnel Reached ‘Dozens of Meters into Israeli Territory’

Cuomo Allows Traveler Quarantine Exemptions for NJ, CT, PA Residents

Iron Dome Anti-Missile Fighters Intercept Rocket from Gaza

  Washington Jewish Week
Jewish news website at U-Md. goes in search of the elusive story

Md. 6th and 8th congressional candidates state their positions

Agudas Achim’s virtual concert to honor a mensch and a cantor

This iconic Italian market in NYC has an unexpected Jewish history

It’s Gail Gaspar’s turn to speak

  My Jewish Learning
10 Israeli Foodies to Follow on Instagram Immediately

Eruvin 72

The Great British Baking Show Has a Jewish Dessert Problem

The Torah Blessings: Celebrating the Source of ‘Eternal Life’

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