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Over the past 18 years as our Federation’s Executive Director Bill Wallen has given us many things.  He has given us friendship, leadership, perspective, reason and inspiration.  He has given of his time, his sweat and his money.   He has also given one of the greatest gifts that one can give another, the gift of certainty. For over 40 years Bill has been a consistent and constant presence and advocate for justice, kindness and humanity through his work as a Federation board member, teacher, committee chair, President and finally Executive Director.  We, our Federation community, have always known that Bill would get the job done with dignity and with consensus.  Bill has been a consistent community builder as a volunteer in our ....READ MORE.


  The Times of Israel
Ex-IAEA official: In theory, Iran could reach weapons-grade enrichment in a week

In Jerusalem’s Old City, Palestinians celebrate return to a near-normal Ramadan

Australian watchdog slams ‘perverse’ auction of Hitler’s personal items

Russia to expel 10 US diplomats in response to American sanctions

US warns Israel to stop ‘dangerous, detrimental’ chatter on Natanz attack — TV

A Formerly Ultra-Orthodox Mom Will Star in a New Netflix Reality Show

9 Tips for Surviving Shabbat With Young Kids

Jewish Mom Nicolette Robinson and Hubby Leslie Odom Jr. Welcome New Baby

My Father Was Visiting Us in Israel When Covid Began. Now He’s Here to Stay.

24 Baby Names Inspired by Famous Israelis

  JPost.com - Homepage
Rocket sirens sounded in Southern Gaza Strip border

Coronavirus shows olim how to organize, make their voices heard

In Israel, ‘COVID-19 could come back in the winter’

7 cases of COVID-19 Indian variant discovered in Israel - Health Min.

Part-human part-monkey embryo provides insight into human aging process

  Jewish WeekJewish Week
For #MeToo Transgressors, the Torah’s Presciption Includes Banishment

My Father Was an Owner. He Taught Me to Value Organized Labor.

The innovation of emptiness

AOC, Bowman back Israel critic’s bill • Jews on both sides of CUNY clash • Hate crimes and the mayor’s race

NYC Mayoral Candidates Debate Police Role in Fighting Hate Crimes

  NYT > World > Middle East
Iran's Push to Enrich Uranium Amid Nuclear Talks: What to Know

Iran Talks Resume, Gingerly, After Attack on Nuclear Site

How the U.S. Plans to Fight From Afar After Troops Exit Afghanistan

U.S. Is Expected to Approve Some Arms Sales to U.A.E. and Saudis

Iran’s Top Leader Signals That Nuclear Talks Will Resume Despite Natanz Sabotage

April 22: Yiddish on Duolingo: How the long-awaited course came to be

Biden’s Palestinian aid package is a start — but doesn’t go nearly far enough

NYC mayoral candidate Dianne Morales calls Israel ‘apartheid state’

Your weekend reads: A new Jewish Netflix show, knishes, and our new Editor-at-Large

‘Shabbat is my time for figuring out the world’: a Q/A with Robin Washington, our new Editor-at-Large

  Aish.com: Holidays
The Murder of a Hero

Roi Klein: An Israeli Hero


Har Nof Rabbi Dies of Wounds

Mourning Dalia

  Jew or Not Jew
Lloyd Kaufman

Abram Goltsman

Sofia Kenin

Chris Wallace

Eran Zahavi

  Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Mahmoud Abbas to address J Street conference

24-year-old aims to be NYC’s first Bukharian City Council member

Israel’s Foreign Ministry plays Jimmy Fallon’s hashtag game — very badly

Why did Tucker Carlson talk about Israeli immigration policy? What you need to know about the white supremacist ‘open borders for Israel’ meme.

Leader of Neturei Karta, extremist anti-Zionist haredi Orthodox group, dies at 87

  News & Views – The Jewish Press – JewishPress.com
US Report: Nearly a Dozen European Countries are Failing to Meet Anti-Semitism Challenges

Smotrich: Likud May Fail Because of Its Wasteful and Dangerous Moves

Police Arrest Arab Who Slapped Haredi Youth on Jerusalem Rail

Lawfare Project Urges Zoom, UC Merced to Cancel Event Featuring PFLP Terrorist

Weizmann Institute Uncovers Secret of Hunger Switch in the Brain

  Washington Jewish Week
Ori Bachner won’t let herself forget her saba’s ordeal

The biographer in Philip Roth’s corner

A riff on hummus

Rockville City Hall shines blue and white for Israel’s Independence Day

Read the April 15th WJW Digital Magazine by clicking here

  My Jewish Learning
Yoma 7

Yoma 6

Yoma 5

The Jewish History of Tootsie Rolls and Other Classic American Candy

Yoma 4











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