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As Shabbat services came to their conclusion, the rabbi said, “now let us go downstairs and see what awaits us.”  Those ominous words could be interpreted as a simple life lesson that no one can predict the future, or that life is an adventure and best lived when we look to discover and cherish each moment, or how lucky we are to have something to look forward to with our ability to make choices and with individual freedom.  The rabbi also could have meant that there may or may not be food, and if there was food, could it be tuna fish or egg salad.  I am happy to report that the answer to the rabbi’s question was tuna.  But well after the tuna was gone the words of “what awaits us” still linger in my mind.  It is the quest for answers and certainy that we all crave. .....READ MORE.


  The Times of Israel
Iran denies alleged plot to assassinate former senior US official John Bolton

3 killed after bus loses control outside shopping center on major Jerusalem road

Jewish Israeli woman accused of spying for Iran attempts suicide

Hailed by some as hero, Lebanese man turns self in after hostage standoff at bank

Iconic Jerusalem building saved from redevelopment plans

Debra Messing Talks Jewish Pride, Her Bat Mitzvah and Netflix’s ‘13: The Musical’

These Jewish Couples Make Us Believe in Love

Sondheim Wanted This Jewish Disney Star in ‘Into the Woods’

This Jewish Prayer is My Parenting Mantra

If I’m Not A Jewish Mother, Who Will I Be?

  American Jewish World Service – AJWS
A 13-year legal battle culminates in an historic victory for the Ogiek People

After the U.S. Supreme Court’s Egregious Roe vs. Wade Ruling, Congress Must Repeal the Helms Amendment

From Sex Workers to Chicken Farmers: Trust Based Philanthropy at Work in a Pandemic

As We Are: Collaborative Portraits with Uganda’s Gulu Women with Disabilities Union

My Must-Reads for the Summer

  Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Israeli families of Munich Olympics massacre victims to boycott German ceremony marking 50th anniversary

BlenderBot, Meta’s AI chatbot, really, really wanted me to check out its synagogue

10 Jewish baseball players from history who you may not know (but should)

Jewish issues spotlighted at NY-12 House debate with Nadler, Maloney and up-and-comer Patel

The judge who signed the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago warrant is facing violent antisemitic threats

  NYT > World > Middle East
Palestinian Prisoners in Israel Use Hunger Strikes to Seek Freedom

FIFA Agrees to Change World Cup Start Date

Sentence of American Lawyer Held in U.A.E. Is Overturned

Justice Dept. Charges Iranian in Plot to Kill John Bolton

Gary Schroen, Who Led the C.I.A. Into Afghanistan, Dies at 80

  The Forward
Columnist ignores Palestinian complicity in recent Gaza fighting

Nadler and Maloney trade barbs at Jewish forum

What one hotly watched Manhattan race tells us about New York’s Jewish voters

Weather outside can affect our opinions online, says Israeli researcher

Edgy new Yiddish show recreates a Jewish cabaret in Warsaw in 1938

The Softball Player

How This 6 Generation Bread Baker Brought Back Israel’s Ancient Grains

Olivia Newton John’s Grandfather was a Nobel-Prize Winning Jewish Physicist

Don’t Believe in Other Gods Versus God is One

Seeing Without Eyes

  Jew or Not Jew
Stanley Lebar

Stanley Ho

Stanley Milgram

John the Baptist

Ellen Baker

  Jewish NewsJewish News
Court of Appeal dismisses ex-Corbyn aide’s challenge to Rachel Riley libel win

Page from 800-year-old bible on display at Glastonbury Abbey

Making Sense of the Sedra: Va’eschanan

Two Israelis killed in Ramsgate road accident

Senior Jewish Voice For Labour official calls Jews who support Israel ‘obscene’

  News & Views – The Jewish Press – JewishPress.com
3 Dead including 3-Year-Old Girl after Bus Driver Loses Control on Busy Jerusalem Street

2 Israelis Killed, 3 Injured in UK Hit-and-Run

NY Governor Signs Bill to Honor and Support Holocaust Survivors

Orthodox Jewish Man Murdered in Washington DC

New Direct Route Between Israel and South Korea

  Washington Jewish Week
Baltimore man killed in D.C.

Jillian Rose Wiener and Lindsay Eliza Wiener

Gene S. Siegel

Michael Lewis Schecter

Norman Pollack

  My Jewish Learning
Ketubot 40

Ketubot 39

Ketubot 38

Ketubot 37

Why McDonald’s Is Way Better In Israel











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