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As Shabbat services came to their conclusion, the rabbi said, “now let us go downstairs and see what awaits us.”  Those ominous words could be interpreted as a simple life lesson that no one can predict the future, or that life is an adventure and best lived when we look to discover and cherish each moment, or how lucky we are to have something to look forward to with our ability to make choices and with individual freedom.  The rabbi also could have meant that there may or may not be food, and if there was food, could it be tuna fish or egg salad.  I am happy to report that the answer to the rabbi’s question was tuna.  But well after the tuna was gone the words of “what awaits us” still linger in my mind.  It is the quest for answers and certainy that we all crave. .....READ MORE.


  The Times of Israel
Suspect seriously wounded in police shooting in coastal Arab town

Michaeli promises to run Tel Aviv light rail on Shabbat starting next year

American held in Iran allowed to leave, son freed from detention

Russia should use low-yield nuclear weapons in Ukraine, says Chechen leader

Netanyahu’s efforts to sideline Jewish Home’s Shaked a ‘mistake,’ say Likud sources

Everything We Know About the ‘Fleishman Is in Trouble’ TV Show

This Folk Rendition of a Yom Kippur Prayer Will Get You In a Soulful Mood

This Is the Most Delightful Rosh Hashanah Parody of the Year

How Jewish Stars Celebrated Rosh Hashanah 2022

My Jewish Day School Teacher Taught Me Everything I Need to Know

  American Jewish World Service – AJWS
Living our values in the New Year

Claiming a Seat at the Table: The Feminization of Politics in Senegal

Kicking Harassment off the Bus: Indian Bus Drivers Learn to Stand Up for Female Passengers

Stories of Hope: Good news in the fights for human rights

AJWS Ally Rabbi Eve Posen Urges Action on Reproductive Rights

  Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Judah Samet was a mensch well before he survived the Tree of Life shooting

David Gottesman, scion of Jewish philanthropic dynasty and Warren Buffett partner, dies at 96

In ‘Leopoldstadt,’ Tom Stoppard tackles the Holocaust, intermarriage, Zionism — and his own Jewishness, for the first time

Italian Jews worry and wait as Giorgia Meloni, far-right leader, prepares to take power

Biden administration wants ‘thorough’ inquiry into death of 7-year-old Palestinian boy

  NYT > World > Middle East
Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Influential Muslim Scholar, Dies at 96

Iran Protests Continue Despite Heavy Crackdowns

Even as Iranians Rise Up, Protests Worldwide Are Failing at Record Rates

US Penalizes Chinese Companies for Aiding Iran’s Oil Exports

Despite Iran’s Efforts to Block Internet, Technology Has Helped Fuel Outrage

  The Forward
Biden administration wants ‘thorough’ inquiry into death of 7-year-old Palestinian boy

Judah Samet, survivor of the Holocaust and the Tree of Life shooting, dies at 84

David Gottesman, scion of Jewish philanthropic dynasty and Warren Buffett partner, dies at 96

Does Jared Kushner know it’s almost Yom Kippur?

Why go to one synagogue service when you can go to many? Congregants confess their love of virtual shul hopping

For Every Individual, A Torah Scroll

Allegiance To The Monarch

Meet the Real You: Yom Kippur

Why Bats Sleep Upside Down and The Secret of Yom Kippur

Kubaneh, Yemenite Bread with Spicy Tomato Sauce

  Jew or Not Jew
Fanny Brice

Terry Silver

Lenina Varshavskaya


Greg Daniels

  Jewish NewsJewish News
Leap of Faith: carrying the essence of Yom Kippur into the future

Making Sense of the Sedra: Vayeleich

Embattled in war, Russia’s media looks for someone to blame – and finds Jews

SPECIAL REPORT: Jewish school meals crisis as kosher food inflation up 30%

Tech That: WiZ Mobile Portable Lamp

  News & Views – The Jewish Press – JewishPress.com
Jewish Man Wounded in Arab Attack Near Beitar

Lebanon, Israel Receive Draft Maritime Border Agreement

NYC Russian Consulate Slathered in Red Paint Hours Before Putin Annexes Ukraine Provinces

Hollywood Superheroes Gal Gadot, Shira Haas Lead Honorees at 2022 ICA Awards

Fourth Beyadenu Guide Arrested on Temple Mount by Israel Police

  Washington Jewish Week
Jewish organizations assist in hurricane relief

Stanley Louis Berlinsky

Irvin B. Blass

Elizabeth Kruger

Ronda Laughlin (nee Taylor)

  My Jewish Learning
This Kasha Varnishkes Recipe Was Almost Lost in the Holocaust

Everything About Yom Kippur Is An Invention

The Surprising History of Pepperidge Farm’s Jewish Rye Bread

Ketubot 87

Ketubot 86











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