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The world in which we live has become very complex with opportunity and struggle. The daily news presents stories of goodness, mitzvot, tzedakah and chesed, but the news is also full of murder, oppression, intolerance and evil that challenges our faith in humanity. The news this week is almost unthinkable and unimaginable with such a blatant violation of international law, societal norms and human rights, as we are witness to another instance of man’s inhumanity to man with the invasion of a sovereign and democratic Ukraine. Unfortunately, we do not get to choose the obstacles and hardships that life will present, but we do get to choose how we will respond to them. Our home page has a link for opportunities to help in Ukraine. I have also included an editorial piece .....READ MORE.


  The Times of Israel
Iran’s Revolutionary Guard seize two Greek oil tankers in Persian Gulf

Suicide drones launched from inside Iran said to have hit Parchin military site

Study shows Muslims face overwhelmingly negative portrayal in US media

IDF shoots, kills Palestinian teen near Bethlehem after pursuing firebombers

3-year old boy dies after becoming locked in car in northern Israel

Jewish Online Dating Is Hard — Especially at 83

This Holocaust Survivor Just Reunited With the Daughter She Never Knew

I Left Israel to Give My Kids the American Dream. Is This It?

4 Steps for Talking to Kids About Mass Shootings

Liev Schreiber’s Jewish Grandfather Inspired His Ukraine Activism

  American Jewish World Service – AJWS
The Fight for Safe Abortions in Kenya

The Kenyan Organization Raising Funds and Fighting LGTBQI+ Stigma with a Poultry Breeding Program

Reproductive rights are human rights

AJWS President and CEO Robert Bank on the Leaked SCOTUS Roe v. Wade Draft Decision

Creating their own path: building a gender-equal family and a more just world

  Jewish Telegraphic Agency
I left Israel to give my kids the American dream. Is this it?

In Israel, a Hasidic dynasty’s rivalry erupts into violence

Masafer Yatta: The 22-year legal battle over West Bank village evictions, explained

Junior’s, NYC’s iconic Jewish cheesecake emporium, buys back guns to protect the city it loves

Palestinian Authority says IDF intentionally killed journalist; Gantz calls conclusion ‘blatant lie’

  NYT > World > Middle East
Iran Seizes Two Greek Tankers in Persian Gulf

Iraqi Parliament Expands Law Against Normalizing Ties With Israel

Sensitive Iranian Military Site Was Targeted in Attack

Palestinian Inquiry Accuses Israel of Intentionally Killing Al Jazeera Journalist

Israel Tells U.S. It Killed Iranian Officer, Official Says

  The Forward
Jerusalem Day right-wing march to proceed as planned, Bennett says

Junior’s, NYC’s iconic Jewish cheesecake emporium, buys back guns to protect the city it loves

England’s first Holocaust ‘stumbling stone’ will honor a woman who tried to rescue her family

Palestinian Authority says IDF intentionally killed journalist; Gantz calls conclusion ‘blatant lie’

Meta refuses to block Facebook page that Israeli court says incites terror

Lokshen Noodle Kugel Recipe

G-d Time

Shavuot is The Holiday of Cheesecake and Blintzes

What Does Kosher Mean Literally?

There Are No Limits

  Jew or Not Jew
Jeremy Strong

Bernardine Dohrn

Friedrich Nietzsche

Vladimir Solovyov

Nim Chimpsky

  Jewish NewsJewish News
JN Junior: If you met the Queen, what would you ask her?!

Gove discusses housing and planning issues with Charedi leaders

Bahrain becomes first Gulf council country to host Israeli Independence Day

Spurs to play pre-season friendly in Israel against AS Roma

Manchester teenagers pushing the anti-bullying message through YouTube film

  News & Views – The Jewish Press – JewishPress.com
Large Arsenal Found Hidden Under Israeli Arab Teen’s Bed

Gantz Refutes PA’s Report Suggesting Abu Akleh Was Directly Targeted in the Head by Israeli Sniper

California GOP House Candidate Goes on Antisemitic Tirade

New Poll: 69% Don’t Want Arab Party in Government & Nobody Wants Meretz

New State Department Anti-Semitism Envoy Lipstadt Delivers First Address

  Washington Jewish Week
Bottle dancers bring the simchah

Six movies to cap Jewish American Heritage Month

Pantry Dinners

Century-old Erie murder of Jewish man garners new interest

Out and About: May 20

  My Jewish Learning
Love Babka? It’s Even Better When You Make It With Sourdough

Lemon-Poppy Cream Cheese Babka Recipe

Yevamot 82

Yevamot 81

Breaking Bread, Building Bridges











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