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They say that life is a journey and for me that also applies to books.  Not so much the process of the reading, but the process of the finding.  When you consider the amount of time and the intellectual investment required in reading and study, a good book is hard to find.  I have no problem changing the channel on the television, but once committed to a book I have a harder time putting it away without finishing, even if it has not lived up to expectation.  Last month I read a glowing review about a new book called Josephus, The Jewish Wars, A Biography.  Josephus was a Jewish aristocrat and leader in the Israel at the time of Roman occupation.  He participated in the resistance to Rome before his capture and confinement to a Roman camp....READ MORE.


  The Times of Israel
For the sins you have committed: What the press is saying on September 25

Netanyahu mulls using emergency regulations to limit protests; Gantz, AG opposed

Navy, Defense Ministry tests new missile for corvettes

Oh, the places you won’t go: Your guide to the latest lockdown

Doubts whether protest, prayer limits will pass on Friday as MKs bicker over law

Call Your Mother, Episode 45: The Days of Awe With Allie Barnes

A Communal Confession for a Covid-19 Yom Kippur

17 Jewish Baby Names Inspired by Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Here’s How to Cast Away Your Sins Without Leaving Home

Xenophobia Is a Real Problem — Not Just a Word Used During Yom Kippur Prayer - Homepage
Coronavirus lockdown starts Friday at 2 p.m. - what you need to know

Police promise new lockdown regulations will be more strictly enforced

'We are at the height of war - a coronavirus war'

Coronavirus: Do health experts think the lockdown will work?

Primary sub-source behind Steele dossier likely a Russian agent FBI admits

  Jewish WeekJewish Week
NYC vows crackdown if Covid-19 cases continue to rise in Orthodox neighborhoods

If You Need a Chicken for Kapparot, They’ll Swing By

With a Tighter Lockdown, Israel Risks Alienating Its People

Diplomacy Built Israeli-Arab Peace. The Private Sector Will Sustain It.

How to host a socially distanced break-fast this Yom Kippur

  NYT > World > Middle East
Gaza Peace Activists Face Prison for Holding Video Call With Israelis

Famine Emerges as U.N. Theme, Crystallized by Yemen Disaster

Israel Tightens Holiday Lockdown, Restricting Prayers and Protests

U.S. Rationale for Military Aid to Saudis in Yemen War Is Fraying

In a Desert’s Burning Sands, Shrimp

TweetYourShabbat: Yom Kippur confessions of Shabbat cooking

For America, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a new kind of Jew

In ‘Tehran,’ an agent caught between Iran and Israel can’t find her way home

Birthing babies - and equality - in the maternity ward

On Yom Kippur Jews ask, is Dean Kremer the new Sandy Koufax?

Squeeze My Hand: An Inspiring Yom Kippur Message

This Holocaust Survivor Isn’t Going to Let the Pandemic Stop Kol Nidre

When She Totally Lost Her Cool

Yom Kippur: The Three Levels of Forgiveness

Easy Fast in Seven Steps

  Jew or Not Jew
Lenny Dykstra

Randee Heller

Yuri Milner

Fritz Loewe

Judas of Galilee

  Jewish Telegraphic Agency
NYC vows to crack down if COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Orthodox neighborhoods

Who’s giving the most in 2020 campaigns? Here’s a rundown of the biggest Jewish donors

Meet the top 15 Jewish political donors in this election cycle

Dutch city names as its resident poet a rapper who called the Holocaust a ‘cover-up for dumb sheep’

Messages in Jewish New York City school parent chats advise against COVID testing to prevent shutdowns

  News & Views – The Jewish Press –
Before Twitter: Hebrew U. Collection Displays 100,000 Postcards from 19th Century Jerusalem

Tami Mozes Fights Back: El Al’s Old Board Asking Israel to Kill Rosenberg’s Purchase over Citizenship

Tel Aviv Dresses Up Habima Square Sculpture with Homage to Wearing Face Masks

With 7,527 New Cases, 1,378 Dead, Friday’s 2 PM Lockdown to Continue through Simchat Torah

Netanyahu: ‘We Are at War – the Corona War’

  Washington Jewish Week
You Should Know… Cody Mello-Klein

How Ruth Bader Ginsburg went from the Notorious RBG to Ruth the Tzaddik

Linda Greene Feinberg

Alan P. Friedman

Freda P. Garfinkle

  My Jewish Learning
Guarding the Garden

Rabbi Art Hart

Rabbi Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi

Eruvin 48

Eruvin 47











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