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They say that life is a journey and for me that also applies to books.  Not so much the process of the reading, but the process of the finding.  When you consider the amount of time and the intellectual investment required in reading and study, a good book is hard to find.  I have no problem changing the channel on the television, but once committed to a book I have a harder time putting it away without finishing, even if it has not lived up to expectation.  Last month I read a glowing review about a new book called Josephus, The Jewish Wars, A Biography.  Josephus was a Jewish aristocrat and leader in the Israel at the time of Roman occupation.  He participated in the resistance to Rome before his capture and confinement to a Roman camp....READ MORE.


  The Times of Israel
Big Data is helping Israel’s health authorities tackle coronavirus effectively

Boston Jews inaugurate COVID-19 memorial to help cope with ‘insurmountable loss’

LISTEN: Talking race and reparations with world’s first Black, gay, female rabbi

Over 12,000 mistakenly quarantined by phone tracking, Health Ministry admits

Sale of 20% stake of postal company kicks off

A Jewish Horror Film With Yiddish Dialogue Is Coming Soon

Don’t Forget That Teachers Are People — and Parents, Too

Amy Schumer’s New TV Series Is the Best Show About Pregnancy Ever Made

Carl Reiner and Rob Reiner Recreated an Iconic Scene From ‘The Princess Bride’

Tell Us About Your Pandemic Parenting Experience! - Homepage
Israel's Defense Ministry receives first images from Ofek 16 satellite

Coronavirus crisis: Israel breaks daily new cases record - 1,681

Coronavirus hotels to stay open through the end of 2021 - Gantz

Will Israelis spend Rosh Hashanah with only their nuclear families?

Natanz retaliation test run: Iran practices with missiles, drones in Yemen

  Jewish WeekJewish Week
Israel breaks one-day record, Orthodox camp riles Vermont town, Robert De Niro zooms Israeli students

Lawsuit Revives Victims’ Hopes That Alleged Abuser Will Face Justice

JCC Manhattan cuts 35 percent of jobs in response to pandemic

Israelis protest gov’t response, JCC Manhattan cuts staff, historical society gets digital grant

Pekuach Nefesh: A Gaslighting Story

  NYT > World > Middle East
How the United Arab Emirates Set Its Sights on Mars

Bahrain to Execute 2 Shiite Protesters After Years of Desperate Appeals

Bartering Child’s Dress for Food: Life in Lebanon’s Economic Crisis

Ragaa el-Gedawy, Cherished Star of Egyptian Cinema, Dies at 85

‘Lifeline’ Syria Aid Measure Lapses Over U.N. Security Council Deadlock

Orthodox organization Bonei Olam raises over $6 million for fertility treatments amid Covid

Woody Guthrie’s Jewish Soul And The Tale Of A Tulsa Tallis

Booker: Blacks and Jews must work together to fight prejudice

Zoominar: What makes Yiddish humor so Jewish?

Retirement of “Redskins” recalls an earlier name change — inspired by Yitzhak Rabin

Seasons of the Moon: Tammuz – The Burning of the Torah

Why We Fast on the 17th of Tammuz

Charlie Harary on Tisha B’Av: A Day of Yearning, Not Sadness

The Heart-Rending Cry: How to Mourn for Something that Happened 2000 Years Ago

Mourning for My Son on Tisha B’Av

  Jew or Not Jew
Jeffrey Katzenberg

Peter Safar

Catherine I

Tom Stoppard

Dennis Miller

  Jewish Telegraphic Agency
George Soros’ foundation to spend $220 million to support Black groups advocating for racial justice

Danny Michelson, 76, co-founder of boutique London grocer

This Jewish college offers a fast track to careers in medicine and health

LGBTQ rights group names longtime Israel advocate as director amid movement’s growing criticism of government

Jewish NFL players say education, not ‘cancellation,’ is the right response to DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic posts

  News & Views – The Jewish Press –
Sovereignty Bill for Entire Judea-Samaria Proposed by Knesset Lobby

Following Court Ruling, Senior Muslim Cleric Calls for ‘Defense’ of Temple Mount

Eagles’ Howie Roseman Voted NFL’s Smartest General Manager

Knesset Permits MK Rafi Peretz to Split from Yamina, Become Sole Member of Habayit Hayehudi

George Soros’ Foundation Empowers Black Groups to Tune of $220 Million

  Washington Jewish Week
Aaron Keyak, longtime Jewish political organizer, to head Biden’s Jewish outreach

Rockville Chabad collects food for Capital Kosher Pantry

We simply do not need another ‘Fiddler on the Roof’

Make your whitefish salad with labneh and lemon

Julian Edelman invites DeSean Jackson to have ‘uncomfortable conversations’ about anti-Semitism and Black Lives Matter

  My Jewish Learning
Shabbat 136

Shabbat 135

Shabbat 134

How to Model Genuine Curiosity

Here’s What It’s Like to Open a Jewish Deli During a Pandemic











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