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Of the many qualities that define Judaism and our community, generosity is one that often comes to my mind.  As we finish our annual campaign, it is easy to focus on financial generosity, the mitzvah of a financial gift to support the many programs that enrich Jewish life in our community, as well as helping Jews in Israel and throughout the world.  Yes, the Federation would like a successful campaign to help fund the many programs that we provide, and the programs with which we are partners with other community organizations.  Yes, the Federation feels that a financial gift is empowering not only for the recipient, but also for the donor.  Yes, it would be wonderful if every member of our Jewish community provided a financial gift as a symbol of ......READ MORE.


Nelson Cohen

Coonhound and Diva

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2 arrested in connection with Haredi landlord’s 2014 murder in Brooklyn

French Republican candidate: Clinton’s ‘submission to Zionists’ a danger for Europe

With UNESCO vote, Palestinians’ bid for attention backfires

Protesters decry Catskills bookstore banner comparing Trump to Nazis

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