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Happy New Year to all.  I was honored to give the Israel Bonds appeal at AAC this year. Many in the congregation suggested I share my message with the Federation community, so here it is:  I am honored to give the Israel Bonds appeal this year.  Joel thought I might have something inspirational to say having visited Israel this year.  I hope to be able to add some value to what should be an easy sell, supporting Israel by buying Israel Bonds.  You may, or may not, remember that last year, Phil Devorris, gave the Israel Bond appeal.  I asked him what he had said for some inspiration.  He said that he had also forgotten, but we agreed that it was positive. So he found the speech and emailed it to me. Phil's appeal was pre-Israel....READ MORE.


Devorris Cohen Family

Israel Adventure

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Foods from Israeli settlements must be labeled as such, European top court rules

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