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A few blogs ago I attempted to answer the question , “what does the Federation do?”  The question arose for a few reasons.  One, it is always a good idea to take a moment, step back from the edge and make sure you are still on the correct path, and that your goals and methods are consistent with your mission statement.  Let’s face it, we are constantly bombarded with news, data, and technology at an increasingly rapid rate.  It is easy to lose one’s way without periodically checking the map or reevaluating the plan. Secondly, one can still be on the correct path, but the journey can sometimes become laborious as opposed to a labor of love.  Often there can be obstacles....READ MORE.


Nelson Cohen

Coonhound and Diva

  The Times of Israel
Maverick Likud lawmaker confident he can win Tel Aviv mayor’s seat

Last-minute deal reached to ensure Eurovision will be held in Israel

A Palestinian attempt to oust Israel from the UN would be quixotic — and fail

Israel to reopen Gaza crossing, extend fishing zone if quiet remains

Malaysian women to be caned for lesbian sex

The Jewish Versions of 2018’s Trendiest Baby Names

40 Isn’t Just a Milestone Birthday. It’s an Important Jewish Number.

The RBG Documentary is Coming to TV

Breaking Down the Trailer for ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Season 2

The One Thing I Never Expected From My Kids - Homepage
IAI to provide Barak-8 Missile Defense System for navy’s new warships

Analysis: Congress’s NDAA gave Trump a green light to confront Iran

Gaza's Kerem Shalom crossing could open at 9 a.m. on Wednesday

Hamas using honeypots to target Israeli soldiers on Instagram

UK parliament crash treated as terrorism incident, police say

  Jewish WeekJewish Week
Jerusalem Hostel Blacklists Jon Stewart And Other Alleged ‘Haters Of Israel’

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Action Figures Will Ship This Fall

A Note About The Power Of Prayer

New Bill Targets Hamas And Hezbollah For Using Human Shields

Support For Two-State Solution Drops To Historic Low

  NYT > Middle East
Turkey’s Erdogan Fought a Coup With His iPhone. Now, He Wants to Boycott U.S. Goods.

Nonfiction: On the Ground in Afghanistan and Iraq

Iran’s Top Leader Faults Rouhani for Crisis, Saying He Crossed ‘Red Lines’

In Jordan, Shootout Kills 4 From Security Forces and 3 Militants

In Syria, Explosion in Residential Building Kills Dozens in Rebel-Held Area

Hostel Booted By Birthright Bans ‘Haters Of Israel’ Like…Jon Stewart?

Was It A ‘Mistake’ When Israel Banned Me, Bibi?

Hasidic Comedian Shows LGBTQ Support At Jerusalem Pride March

How Yiddish Education Got Its Start In America, From Zionism To Socialism

Aretha Franklin’s Jewish Influences

The Wake-Up: A Short Rosh Hashanah Video

ABC’s of Rosh Hashanah

Make Resolutions, Not Wishes

Identifying Your Life’s Mission

How to Really Grow During the Month of Elul

  Jew or Not Jew
Jeremy Jacobs

Vladimir Baranov-Rossine

Hiam Abbass

Gretel Bergmann

Mr. Spacely

  Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Ronald Lauder, in second public rebuke, asks if Israel ‘is losing its way’

White powder sent to US, Israeli embassies in Berlin

Jerusalem hostel blacklists Jon Stewart and other alleged ‘haters of Israel’

Ex-principal of Australian Jewish school who fled sexual abuse charges found fit for extradition hearing

Jeremy Corbyn hits back at Netanyahu, accuses Israel of killing ‘dozens of children’

  Jewish Ideas Daily - Daily Features
You Only Live Twice

Religion and State in Israel

The Ten Commandments

Come Swing with Me

Secularism and Its Discontents

Nancy Sinatra Missed Her Father’s Death Because of ‘Seinfeld’ Finale

The Muslim Kingdom and the Israeli Flag

A New Project of Survivors’ Stories in Drawings, Letters, and Video Interviews

Meet the 1970s Jewish Artist Whose Medium Was the Bagel

Three Great Ways to Excommunicate A Misbehaving Jew

  My Jewish Learning
Why You Should Be Rendering Your Own Schmaltz

Here’s Why Half-Eaten Figs Make Me Smile

When the Good Life Hasn’t Arrived Yet….

The Benefits of Fasting on Yom Kippur

It Isn’t Rosh Hashanah at My House Without this Chicken











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