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A few blogs ago I attempted to answer the question , “what does the Federation do?”  The question arose for a few reasons.  One, it is always a good idea to take a moment, step back from the edge and make sure you are still on the correct path, and that your goals and methods are consistent with your mission statement.  Let’s face it, we are constantly bombarded with news, data, and technology at an increasingly rapid rate.  It is easy to lose one’s way without periodically checking the map or reevaluating the plan. Secondly, one can still be on the correct path, but the journey can sometimes become laborious as opposed to a labor of love.  Often there can be obstacles....READ MORE.


Nelson Cohen

Coonhound and Diva

  The Times of IsraelThe Times of Israel
German investigators in Chile over Nazi pedophile sect, as leader remains free

Rome’s Jews to boycott official Liberation Day event over pro-Palestinian groups

US senator to bring French Holocaust survivor to Macron’s congressional address

Trump’s Mideast envoy: Peace not possible when Palestinians celebrate violence

Rabbis push back against warning not to wear kippas in Germany, urge action

Yes, Kate Middleton Looks Amazing After Giving Birth. Here’s Why It Doesn’t Matter.

17 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Jewish Mom Rachel Weisz

Neo-Nazis Marched In My Hometown. That Doesn’t Surprise Me At All.

This Teen Donated Her Bat Mitzvah Money to an Amazing Cause

All The Mom Tears I’ve Cried, and Where and Why I Cried Them - Homepage
Turkish parties jockey for position ahead of snap election at end of June

Zarif condemns U.S. intervention in Syria, calls for regional ‘dialogue’

France agrees to 'work on a new deal' with Iran

Report: Israel presses Italy to stop blocking sanctions against Iran

Israel to reopen migrant prisons after admitting deportation plan failed

  Jewish WeekJewish Week
A Montreal Pilgrimage In The Footsteps Of Leonard Cohen

Promoting Jerusalem For Its Past And Future

My Maori Moment

Portman Tests Boundaries Of Israel Criticism

Crash Course In Jerusalem

  NYT > Middle East
Egyptian Military Court Sentences Sisi Critic to 5 Years in Prison

Mosul’s Renowned Religious Complex Will Rise From the Rubble

American Warplanes Shift Tactics to Target Last ISIS Pockets in Eastern Syria

Wedding Is Hit by Airstrike in Yemen, Killing More Than 20

ISIS Spokesman Calls for Attacks on Arab Nations

ZOA Says Parkland Survivor’s Use Of ‘Never Again’ Trivializes The Holocaust

BDS Resolution Passes At George Washington University

Natalie Portman Hoped To Blame Genesis Prize Snub On ‘Scheduling’ Snafu

Orthodox Victim Clings To Life After FedEx Stabbing Near Empire State Building

Trump Warns Iran Not To Restart Nuclear Weapons Program

Hockey Heroics and the Omer

Counting the Omer: 49-Day Program for Change

The Life of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai

Lag BOmer and the Fiery Power of Purpose

Whispering Flames: The Fire of Lag BOmer

  Jew or Not Jew
Lee Grant

Jaffa Cakes

St. Vincent

Hakoah Vienna

Sarah Kaufman

  Jewish Telegraphic Agency
ZOA says Parkland survivor’s use of Never Again in book title ‘trivializes the Holocaust’

House unanimously passes bill to help Holocaust survivors obtain restitution, seized assets

Jason Greenblatt says Hamas uses Gaza protests ‘as cover to attack Israeli troops’

US Supreme Court rejects terror victims’ lawsuit against Arab Bank

‘Disobedience’ aims to accurately portray lesbian love — and the Orthodox Jewish community

  Jewish Ideas Daily - Daily Features
You Only Live Twice

Religion and State in Israel

The Ten Commandments

Come Swing with Me

Secularism and Its Discontents

The Muslim Kingdom and the Israeli Flag

A New Project of Survivors’ Stories in Drawings, Letters, and Video Interviews

Meet the 1970s Jewish Artist Whose Medium Was the Bagel

Three Great Ways to Excommunicate A Misbehaving Jew

Meet Robert Adler, The Viennese Jew Who Invented the Clicker

  My Jewish Learning
Taking Greek Jewish Life to the Streets of New York

Where to Get the Best Jewish Food in Las Vegas

Strawberry, Rhubarb and Ricotta Challah Bread Pudding

Strawberry and Cream Rugelach Recipe

Dr. King, Mrs. Brown-Wright, and The Bar’chu











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