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12/14/10            Greater Altoona Jewish Federation Volunteer Opportunities

Summer Baseball Game                                   
                        Select Date           
                        Coordinate with Altoona Curve Office           
                        Solicit Unused Tickets from Federation Members            
                        Coordinate Email Publicity and Money for Food Vouchers with Federation           
                        Deliver Tickets to Altoona Curve for Pickup at Will Call           
                        Give out tickets           
Holocaust Program                                   
                        educates community           
                        program usually in churches           
                        need to form a committee           
                        Select Date and Venue           
                        Plan Program           
                        Invite Speakers           
                        speakers consist of:           
                                    visitors to death camps
                                    local religious leaders
                                    interfaith program leaders
                        invite local churches and clergy           
                        recognize local survivors           
                        coordinate reception           
                        written program           
                        Publicize Event           
                        Work with AAC and TBI           
Judy Meisel/National Speaker                                   
                        Find Speaker           
                        Plan Itinerary           
                        Create Budget           
                        Obtain Volunteers to Host, Lodge and Feed           
                        Select Dates and Venues           
                        Publicize with Federation Office           
                        Transport speaker to and from airport           
Love Feast                                   
                        Publicize Date and Location           
                        Solicit Volunteers to Staff           
                        Solicit Donations           
                        Church and civic organizations provide meals year round           
                        Temple Lutheran Simpson Methodist Church           
                        Federation asked to annually provide/organize meal on a Sat. near Xmas           
                        Dinner is 11 am to 1pm           
                        Meal is for low income families           
                        Federation members are asked to provide money for meals or meal items           
                        Dave and Paula Binus prepare the meal           
                        Servers are needed to           
                                    prepare food
                                    set up room
                                    clean up
                                    take home packages
                        Need 40-45 volunteers           
                        Usually serve 175 people           
                        This is a good family volunteer event           
                        Select Date           
                        Contact Diamond Carriage Lane           
                        Contact Dave and Paula for Food Service           
                        Back Up Plan for Bad Weather           
                        Plan Activities for adults and children           
Veterans Service                                   
                        Select Date           
                        Plan Service           
                        Obtain Guest Speaker           
                        Obtain Readers           
                        Coordinate with Congregation Cemetery Committees
                        Combined community service for 25 years
                        Used to alternate between AAC and TBI
                        Honors the memory of the Jewish service in the armed forces
                        Honor Guard and Presentation of Colors
                        Make arrangements for chairs
                        Set up chairs and return chairs
                        Bring flags from JMC
                        Write program
                        Taps played by student from high school
                        Attended by about 50 people
Adult Education                       
            Interfaith Summer Series           
                        Serve on Interfaith Committee
                        Interfaith Committee of the Ecumenical Council
                        Committee led by Cindy Bainey as a volunteer
                        Committee meets periodically to plan events           
                        Committee has existed for about 25 years           
                        Committee initiated by Bill Wallen and Eileen Becker           
                        Initiated at a time when the KKK planned to march in Altoona           
                        Committee includes representatives of the following movements           
                        Recent programs include Interfaith Summer Series           
                                    Marriage Rituals and Customs
                                    Feasts, Fasts and Festivals
                                    Sounds of Religion
                                    Sacred Space
                                    Legacy of Abraham
                                    Women of Genesis
                        Program runs four consecutive Thursdays in July/August           
                        Need to obtain speakers for Jewish content           
                        Host if the Jewish Community has one of the events           
Cultural Trips                                   
            National Jewish Museum Philadelphia                       
                        obtain information about event/destination           
                        select date           
                        plan budget           
                        plan itinerary            
                        obtain transportation           
                        bus captains           
                        distribute tickets           
                        provide snacks           
                        arrange video on bus           
                        tip bus driver           
                        run 50:50 on bus

Website and Newsletter                       
                        Obtain Content
                        Provide articles
                        Provide photos
Film Festival                       
                        Serve on Committee
                        year 12
                        Screen and Select Films
                        Obtain Speaker to Intro/Discuss Films
                        Plan Dinners
                        Coordinate with PSU Altoona
                        Run 50:50
                        Ticket Collection
Community Outreach                       
            Birth Meals           
                        Provide Assistance to Families with Newborns
            Illness Support/Homebound/Hospitalized           
                        Provide Assistance/Support/Holiday Gifts
            Mourning Support           
                        Provide Assistance to Individuals/Families
            New Member Welcome Program           
                        Deliver Welcome Gift Basket
                        Invite to Federation Events
PJ Library Program                       
                        Promote goal of Jewish identity in children
                        List Eligible Families
                        Goal is to Increase Membership
Local Campus Outreach PSU Altoona/Juniata/St. Francis                                               
                        Identify Opportunities                       
                        Monitor/Gather Contacts at Colleges                       
                        High Holiday Support                       
                        Holiday Gifts                       
                                    Pizza Party Welcome Dinner           
                                    St. Francis Passover Seder           
                                    Hanukkah Dinners           
                                                items to decorate
Out of Town Campus Outreach - Our Kids Away in School                                               
                        Compile List of our Kids Away at School and Recent Graduates                       
                        Provide Awareness and Opportunities for Jewish Activities                       
                        Holiday Gifts/Thoughts
                        General Information
Youth Summer Camp and Birthright                       
                        Identify Children Eligible
                        Provide Information
                        Camp Fair at Sunday School